UPDATE REGARDING CORONA VIRUS – The world is turning again


Now finally the time has come. After the world stood still for all of us a little bit, the location based businesses may now gradually reopen.
We are grateful that HUXLEY can now return to the playing fields of the world and we are happy to announce that some of our licensees, such as Den Haag and Dortmund are already offering our games again.
Of course, hygiene and cleaning measures have always been valid in the VR sector, but these are now being implemented even more intensively so that every player can feel safe and comfortable.

We will keep you up to date on the openings and look forward to welcoming you again!

HUXMANJI – The multiplayer games bundle from HUXLEY VR®

They’re here! The new multiplayer games from HUXLEY VR®!



Games: Blazing Arrows, Drone Zone, Midnight Magic
Game length: 3 Minutes per Game + optionally Tutorials
Requirements: HTC VIVE or Pro & a play area of 1,5×2 meters per player
Number of players: 1-4 players
Specifics: Replayable, High Score Mode, Cup

An excerpt from the review of HUXLEY I – by Room Escape Artist

“This made me believe in VR.”

Story & setting

We […] put on an HTC Vive and entered the year 3007. We were among the last human survivors living on a space station above an Earth that was devoid of life. Our crew had received a message from the barren planet below: “My name is HUXLEY and I need your help!”

HUXLEY’s virtual Earth was a magnificently rendered WALL-E-esque wasteland where we met a WALL-E-esque robot who was a bit angrier than Pixar’s cute creation. […]


HUXLEY was a fantastic puzzle game. It had unusual puzzles that took advantage of the virtual world and allowed us to do, see, and solve things that are impossible in meat space.

Additionally, these puzzles required teamwork.


It really worked. The motion tracking was perfect. Lisa did not get even slightly motion-sick. Every other time she has ever put on a VR visor, she has become queazy within minutes. She spent 45 minutes in this world without the slightest issue.

The puzzles were smart. There was one puzzle in particular that I desperately want to spoil because I want to talk about it. I won’t spoil it… but I want to. It involved something that is physically not possible in real life.

HUXLEY was a truly collaborative escape room. Whereas our past VR escape room experiences were either solo games or didn’t include satisfying group interaction, HUXLEY required teamwork and made it feel natural.

We each selected a cute avatar. These were initially a little off-putting, but successfully eliminated the issues that usually arise in VR from having false, non-representative, and non-reactive bodies.

The gamespace was gorgeous. This wasn’t some homebrew virtual world made of purchased and slightly tweaked renderings. Huxley was professionally designed.

HUXLEY used the substantial physical space in the virtual one. The world was big and open and the mechanism for traversing it was brilliant.

Because we wore all of the gear – including the computer – on our persons, there weren’t wires in the way.


Should I play Exit VR’s HUXLEY?

Absolutely. If you can play HUXLEY, you should go play it.

We’ve played a number of VR experiences over the past few years and they have been a mixed bag. Until I entered the world of HUXLEY, I never believed that I would truly want to play VR… not in the current generation anyway.

HUXLEY was a virtual escape room done right: it limited the impact of the weaknesses of VR, while creating gameplay that wouldn’t be possible in the physical world. It was a great escape game.

HUXLEY is available for licensing. I know nothing about their pricing, but I would love to see this game proliferate. That said, please do not license it unless you have the space and will to do it right. Don’t cut corners. This game is too much fun for a hobbled experience.


Source: www.roomescapeartist.com

HUXMANJI – COMING SOON! Get your friends ready!!


HUXMANJI is a bundle of three replayable, competitive and diverting skill-based games which perfectly harmonize with our HUXLEY blockbusters.

The games will take place in the well-known worlds of HUXLEY.

Each game will have a time limit of 3 minutes. All three games can be played separately or as a cup.


Welcome to the VR universe. The HUXLEY cosmos needs to be defeated and therefore the best shooter must be found. Compete against your friends! Get ready to shoot a variety of geometric shapes and destroy various patterns. But notice that your arrow can do more than just shoot! You can use multi shots, auto-targeting and splash damage feature. Are you ready to blast the high score?


Welcome to the VRuture. The HUXLEY city is automated, and it is your job to charge the drones of the residents with the appropriate energy. Be careful, if you wait too long, the unsatisfied drone explodes, and you lose important points. In addition, the mood of the other waiting drones drops. So, hurry up! Only the best drone servant will break the high score.


Welcome to the Night. HUXLEY is the sovereign of the VR Orient and is looking for the best treasure hunter. The purpose of your midnight boat trip is to reach as many levels as you can. An extraordinary mirror transforms your reflection into a djinn. Use his help – there are tricky puzzles lurking. Go find the jewels and get as far as you can!

<<Repeat the game. Rebeat your friends.>>

OUR SHOW! – Escape Room Industry Conference

In October we exhibited at a great fair and wanted to share this experience because it might be interesting for you, as you might start your own business.
The fair contained many interesting impressions and a number of speakers and workshops where experiences, knowledge and expertise about Virtual Reality and the Escape Room Business were exchanged.
In addition to the exhibitors, the talk by Kevin Williams on “Location-based Entertainment´s VR opportunity” or workshops on marketing and better sales, as well as the networking evenings as inspiration and exchange offer a high added value.

It is still a rather small event, but very well organized and with great potential.
We would like to recommend this show to you, especially if you already work in the Escape Room Business.
On the website you will find more information and you can also sign up for a newsletter to be informed about next year’s dates.

Escape Room Industry Conference ERIC
CEME Conference Centre in Rainham, London


Also have a look at the report from ESCAPETHEROOMers: