HUXMANJI – COMING SOON! Get your friends ready!!


HUXMANJI is a bundle of three replayable, competitive and diverting skill-based games which perfectly harmonize with our HUXLEY blockbusters.

The games will take place in the well-known worlds of HUXLEY.

Each game will have a time limit of 3 minutes. All three games can be played separately or as a cup.


Welcome to the VR universe. The HUXLEY cosmos needs to be defeated and therefore the best shooter must be found. Compete against your friends! Get ready to shoot a variety of geometric shapes and destroy various patterns. But notice that your arrow can do more than just shoot! You can use multi shots, auto-targeting and splash damage feature. Are you ready to blast the high score?


Welcome to the VRuture. The HUXLEY city is automated, and it is your job to charge the drones of the residents with the appropriate energy. Be careful, if you wait too long, the unsatisfied drone explodes, and you lose important points. In addition, the mood of the other waiting drones drops. So, hurry up! Only the best drone servant will break the high score.


Welcome to the Night. HUXLEY is the sovereign of the VR Orient and is looking for the best treasure hunter. The purpose of your midnight boat trip is to reach as many levels as you can. An extraordinary mirror transforms your reflection into a djinn. Use his help – there are tricky puzzles lurking. Go find the jewels and get as far as you can!

<<Repeat the game. Rebeat your friends.>>