Your Role in the Game

With EXIT VR you and a team dive into the virtual dimensions where exciting adventures await you. At the beginning of the game, everyone in the team picks a virtual ego (avatar), with which you then go on your mission.

44 minutes remain to solve tricky puzzles that are not to be found so far away from the classic escape games.

Your mission HUXLEY still works intuitively. You move freely, special sensors capture your movement
and transfer to your virtual self in the game.


The Story


You are in the year 3007, well into the future. The earth as you knew, does not exist anymore.
There is no oxygen and all life has been extinguished.

You made it to a space station as the last survivor. There you will one day receive a message from the earth,
from now on there is only one more mission for you: to help HUXLEY.

You are strong as a team. Do you manage to complete the mission within 44 minutes
and save the Earth from total destruction?

Let’s go, just do not waste time! The clock is running.

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Our VR Technology

To dive into the virtual dimensions, you only need one thing: the VR glasses (HTC Vive). These will be set up at the beginning of your mission. In order to be active in the game you also get two controllers that represent your virtual hands. With them you can move objects and press buttons. Just like in the real world.

To move around freely on the 15sqm surface, you also get the Zotac VR GO Backpack.

Via headset, you can communicate with your team at any time and solve the puzzles, even if you are physically separated. Not as different as in a classic live escape game, right?


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If you want to give EXIT® VR as a gift, select Gift Certificate here. Simply select a amount of money, pay easily with Paypal, bank transfer or credit card and receive your personal coupon code by email. You still have the choice to bring additional players for your visit and pay the difference on-site.

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