You start your rescue mission in 3007. The Earth is completely destroyed. Watch out for Huxley, find him and help him. Your biggest enemy is the running time. With a team of up to 8 players, you will be able to discover the hitherto unexplored virtual world.

Solve riddles and clues in order to fight your way through the different levels of the virtual world. Directly in the center of Dortmund.

Are you ready for the virtual adventure? Then come over, time is running!!!


What is EXIT VR?

Your entry into the virtual world begins now. Welcome to the virtual live escape game world of Huxley. With EXIT VR we merge two types of games that have already fit together. The new brand EXIT VR unites the riddles from classic Live Escape games and the virtual technic to an new unique digital experience.

By combining these two styles and with the help of modern technologie we create a completely new fascinating 3D world game experience.

Are you ready for the biggest Virtual Reality adventure you ever had? Come over then!

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For a perfect EXIT VR Event you should take into account at least 60 minutes.

Because you cannot survive without knowing the technology and procedure in the virtual world, the key information is conveyed in a 15-minute introduction.

Throughout the time a gamemaster is available to give you hints or help you and your teammates if you get stuck or do not get any further.

It is also important that you arrive on time in order to assure a smooth running.


In 1790, researchers discovered something very mysterious. Within a short time, her find turned out to be a source of infinite energy. They put it into a body and called it HUXLEY. This intervention allowed the researchers to communicate with the mysterious something. It turned out to be not just an infinite source of energy, but also an infinite source of knowledge. Knowledge to make machines that make life easier for people. Knowledge, so that machines can take people’s thinking away.

Slowly but surely the human spirit developed back. People lost one of their most important qualities: their curiosity and motivation. Few recognized the impending consequence and fled to another planet. Thousands of years later, life on planet earth was destroyed. When HUXLEY realized that his created machines no longer made sense – now that there were no people left – he switched everything off and sent a cry for help to the universe.

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Kaiserstraße 129, 44143 Dortmund
Call: +49 (0)231-1775548-0

operating hours:

Monday closing day
Tuesday & Wednesday: 4.30pm – 10.00pm
Thursday 3.00pm – 10.00pm
Friday & Saturday: 10.30am – 10.00pm
Sunday 1.30pm – 10.00pm

directions: Directions U43 or bus 452 456 – stop Funkenburg

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